Install or Reinstall Quick Heal

Quick Heal acts as your device’s shield that protects from online threats. It is the leading IT company which not only offers security solutions to small or large business organization but also to the consumer, corporate houses and Government. Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company with its headquartered in Pune. It was started in 1995 as a computer service centre and was previously named as  CAT Computer Services Pvt. Ltd., but later on it was renamed as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Troubles which you encounter while you are a Quick Heal user

Daily use of any device will automatically wear out its efficiency. We understand that you want

your device to be safe and secure from all sorts of malware threats. Once you access the Internet, any

malicious content can quickly affect your device. Few of the issues you may encounter are:

  •    It does not allow safe and smooth internet surfing
  •    It does not provide complete protection from spyware, adware, keyloggers and other malware.
  •    The antivirus is not supporting the system
  •    Files are getting corrupted
  •    The device is continuously shutting down
  •    Blue screen comes up every time

Follow the steps to Install Quick Heal Antivirus

Before installing Quick heal antivirus you need to make sure that your computer is not infected with any malicious file. Delete all the temporary files from your Windows. Next, close all the application from your device and install Quick Heal on your device. Then carefully insert the Quick Heal CD and fix it. Read all the instructions carefully and carry on. These steps will help you to install Quick Heal on your device. If still you require any further assistance feel free to contact our team of executives.

Are you continually facing Blue Screen errors?

If your device is continuously showing a blue screen with white text, the first thing you should do is reboot your machine. Carefully remove the RAM, clean it then turn on your device. Hope this will resolve your problem. If still, you need any further assistance, feel free to contact our team of experts. Dial our toll-free number and get instant solution to your problem.

How to stop unnecessary pop-ups while you are not using the Internet?

If you are receiving pop-ups even when you are not browsing the internet, it means there must be adware in your device. Immediately remove it from your device to run your device function smoothly.

First, go to the control panel in the programs and features option. Select all the unnecessary programs and uninstall it. This will help you resolve the problem. If still, you need further assistance, feel free to contact Quick Heal Customer Support team at any time.

Dial us @ +1-800-670-1724

Our experts are always at the help desk to resolve all your queries. We offer one-stop solutions to all your Quick Heal related troubles. Without any delay, call at our Quick Heal Technical Support Number and avail an expert’s solution.

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